Monthly Notice Sheet

Monthly Notice Sheet

Monthly Notice Sheet 2048 1442 Carisbrooke Priory

The ChapelOur Open Door Worship meetings have recommenced, and the next will take place on Thursday 7th October 2021 at 12 Noon.  Our speaker will be Anne Linington.  The Priory will be open from 11.00 a.m., with tea and coffee being served before and after the service.  If you would like to bring a packed lunch, we can continue our fellowship after the service, and the Priory will close at 3.00 p.m.

Open Door Speakers

7th October – Healing Our Divisions:  Speaker Anne Linington

4th November – Healing Our Planet:  Speaker Bob White

Activities at the Priory

Open Art Group Tuesdays from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. – Beginners Welcome

Poetry with Anne Linington – next meeting 8th October 2021 10.30 – 11.45 a.m.

Other Notices


We have a loyal and hardworking band of volunteers, who help to keep the Priory running in various roles.  However, having just had one of the busiest years in the Priory’s recent history, we find ourselves in need of additional volunteers, in particular serving in the Tea Room.

What do our volunteers do?

Those serving in the Tea Room take and deliver customer orders, make tea and coffee to order, operate the till and coffee machine and ensure that there are enough supplies available to satisfy customer needs.

Those serving on Reception greet visitors, give directions when needed, answer the telephone, and from time to time assist the Administrator with mailshots and leaflets.

There is always work to do keeping the gardens in good order and the building clean and tidy.

If you find you have some time to spare each week and would like to offer your services to the Priory, please contact Maxine or Louise on 01983 523354 or call in for a volunteer pack.

DID YOU KNOW? that there is a YouTube video featuring a Drone’s eye view of the Priory?  If you want to take a look, please watch it below:

House of Prayer

You are invited to receive prayer for healing, with members of the Priory team.

Those seeking prayer may do so for themselves or on behalf of others.

Christian Healing

The Priory welcomes everyone and especially those looking for peace of mind.

Some may be searching for meaning and direction in their lives, while others are as much interested in helping as being helped.


Our shop is open Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm.

We stock a large selection of secondhand books, hand made cards, seasonal items, good quality second-hand goods.

Support Us

Carisbrooke Priory depends upon gifts mainly from individuals.

You can use this button to make a donation to the Carisbrooke Priory Trust using PayPal.